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There are more than 15 million Americans who devote their time and energy to caring for aging loved ones who can no longer independently care for themselves. Many times, these families and caregivers stretch themselves too thin and risk their own health in order to keep their loved one at home, where they feel the most comfortable. At this point, it may be time to evaluate whether moving them into an Assisted Living community, such as Regency at Pineville, is in the best interest of everyone involved.

There are some very telling signs that can help families and caregivers recognize when the time has come to openly discuss moving a loved one into an Assisted Living community. daughter talking to mother

  1. Care Needs Escalate
    -More help is needed with housework, yard maintenance, repairs and cooking. Family spends more time taking care of these chores than making lasting memories with their loved one.
  2. Memory Issues Worsen
    -A senior can no longer remember when to take medication or how to perform familiar tasks.
  3. Seclusion Occurs
    -When a senior only has human interaction with relatives, a caregiver, or an occasional friend that may stop by to visit.
  4. Fears Develop
    -When a senior fears being alone in their own home.
  5. Driving Ceases
    -Driving becomes a dependency, for appointments and even shopping.
  6. Safety Issues
    -The home is no longer a safe place, due to risks associated with trips, falls, etc.
  7. Caregiver Stress
    -When the primary caregiver puts their health at risk, causing stress and illness.

Broaching this topic often times creates a large amount of conflict between a senior and their family. Facing such a huge life-changing situation can be very scary for a senior, and he or she may become adamant about not leaving their home that contains comfort and sentimental attachments.

However, the conversation does not necessarily have to be negative. According to experts, the best way to approach this topic is with open and honest communication, where both the family and their loved one are able to express concerns and listen to feedback. It is also best to offer a senior options, as opposed to dictating when and what will happen.

Shopping around for the right fit will help an aging parent gauge what they want and need, such as location, services and amenities offered. Visiting communities is also an important part of the process, and can help alleviate any misconceptions that a loved one has about Assisted Living facilities. Many times, people envision a sterile, hospital-like setting which is actually more closely associated with nursing homes that are focused on skilled medical care.

Regency at Pineville’s Assisted Living Community has more of a “family” atmosphere – each senior has their own apartment, and receives help with housekeeping, laundry, and remembering to take medications. They can come and go freely, have delicious meals in a social dining environment and participate in planned activities. This is the reason that many residents say, “I wish I had done this years ago.”

Regency at Pineville offers a range of services, from Assisted Living to Memory Care, in order to fit the needs of each individual resident. To learn more about Regency at Pineville, call us at (844) 425-4254. 

Written by Kristen Camden

Published in Retirement Communities

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