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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 20:15

Key to Happiness? Assisted Living!

Everyone seeks the key to personal happiness throughout their life in a variety of places and in a variety of ways. Some think that happiness can be found by having more money, the perfect job, the perfect family, or through a laundry list of other ways.

While we all have been endlessly seeking the key to a happier life, Harvard University may have found it. In 1938, Harvard began a study that tracked 724 men of various socioeconomic backgrounds living in Boston. Every man was initially interviewed and medically evaluated, through blood work and brain exams, and this process has been repeated every two years. Most living participants and now well into their 90s, and Harvard now has an extensive amount of research to base their findings on.

So, what did they find during the 75 years of research? According to Robert Waldinger, Harvard professor and the fourth director of the study, the key to happiness is actually much easier to obtain than we believe. Good relationships with family, friends, and spouses are the biggest factor that lead to a happy life. seniors eating

People who were physically healthy and also maintained strong relationships were found to be mentally and physically healthier in the long-term. In comparison, those who had health issues and did not foster social bonds felt more isolated, melancholy and unfulfilled later in life. 

It can be challenging for people to make new friends at any age, but many people also take for granted that they have a built-in social network beginning when they enter school. Once school is completed, a career offers a new social pool and new ways to connect with people. But, what happens after retirement when those social circles essentially disappear?

This is where Assisted Living Communities, like Regency at Pineville, play an important role. Not only does moving into a senior living community help eliminate feelings of solitude and isolation, but it also keep seniors actively engaged – both mentally and physically.

Regency at Pineville’s structured environment offers a healthy balance between maintaining each person’s privacy and independence, and fostering new social connections. The latter is accomplished through monthly planned group outings and physical activities. Additionally, residents have the chance to join together for meals, games, movies, and worship.

While the idea of moving to a new place may seem daunting, the majority of residents discover a genuine sense of belonging after only a few weeks. Even people who would normally consider themselves to be shy may find that they are able to socially spread their wings for the first time, by connecting with other residents who become like family.

Cultivating and maintaining these strong social bonds after retirement, while also staying physically active, plays a very important role in protecting long-term physical and mental health, according to Harvard’s research. Assisted living can play an equally vital role in providing these keys to happiness to each resident.

Regency at Pineville offers a range of services, from Assisted Living to Memory Care, in order to fit the needs of each individual resident. To learn more about Regency at Pineville, call us at (844) 425-4254. 

Written by Kristen Camden

Published in Retirement Communities

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