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"By one means or another we need to get more established individuals back near developing kids on the off chance that we are to reestablish a feeling of group, a learning of the past, and a feeling without bounds."

- Margaret Mead

Activities between the eras are not just an extraordinary approach to help obtain information and insight – they’re likewise fun.

Individuals of every age can take in a great deal from each other if everyone keeps a receptive outlook and values the extraordinary difficulties that go along with the task. This may appear as grandchildren showing an older generation how to utilize innovation and new technology or sharing contemporary choices in media. Similarly, youthful ones can find age-old tunes or classic motion pictures that are generally as meaningful today as they were decades prior.

The immense difficulty we face is building up the basic knowledge of others, which may include a conflict of qualities when individuals from various age groups work and learn together.

Does the WWII vet who hasn't addressed the effects of war have anything at all in common with a youngster inclined to over sharing details about her day on Twitter? Will a senior, whose state of mind about race and gender roles were shaped amid more difficult times, talk eagerly with the student who grew up finding out about the Civil Rights Era from history books?

At the point when individuals coincide, it begins to dissipate negative and harsh generalizations we too often make of others.  charlotte youth and senior

Researcher Dr. Morris Massey said, “We don’t have to agree with the values of different generations, but we can strive to understand the mind-sets of different generations and how each group sees the world based on their experiences.”

Though a senior may only interact in person or by means of telephone, a younger generation may only connect through advanced technological means such as email or instant message. Spanning such differences requires adaptability in your reasoning and thinking.

We are molded by the occasions of our lives, and history occurs in repeated cycles. People born after WW2, for instance, most likely had their virtues affected by parents who grew up amid the economic downturn of the Great Depression. They may discover a shared view with Generation X-ers who recall the economic crisis of 2008, or new school graduates who have attempted to discover steady employment ever since.

The advantage of intergenerational association for seniors is lessening disengagement and destitution among our elderly community, who in turn enhance the lives of children, young adults, and seniors by sharing their understanding on the world as leaders, examples, or teachers. Through regular communication, they can become supporters for each other and solve problems relating to lack of education, ecological and health issues, crime avoidance, and a so many more.

As indicated by Generations United, such intergenerational exercises permit seniors to stay dynamic and connected to their community, which adds to living longer with better physical and emotional health. Overall, they tend to appreciate a higher personal satisfaction from having meaningful relationships in young adults and children.

“Older adults who regularly volunteer with children burn 20% more calories per week, experience fewer falls, are less reliant on canes, and perform better on a memory test than their peers,” the organization states. “Older adults with dementia experience more positive effect during interactions with children.”

What’s the advantage for our younger generations? Creating abilities and valuable life skills, values, and a feeling of citizenship. By imparting a culture, historical and cultural customs are well preserved.

"Together we are stronger," states Generations United.

At Regency at Pineville, everyday life is an intergenerational movement as our youthful staff and volunteers look after seniors and those requiring additional help with daily tasks. We welcome that our senior community offers a breadth of intelligence and advice to us and are a quality to society by their endeavors to contribute to their Regency community in every effort possible.

For more information on communication with intergenerational groups, the Charmm'd Foundation offers a list that can be seen at:

Call today and talk with our Activities Director to learn of satisfying ways you can start working with seniors.

To discover more about Regency Senior Living Charlotte, call (704) 542-9449. 

Written by: Katie Hanley


It would be difficult to find a person who has not dreamed of the day that they finally are able to retire from work and live care-free days, leisurely traveling and enjoying life. However, many do not factor a budget into that daydream in order to fund that exciting, fun-filled life.

There are ways to prepare and gauge how long retirement savings will last. Seniors should also maintain a monthly budget and stick to it, in order to stretch the nest egg.

Thankfully, money is not needed for all activities available in Charlotte, or in general. There are many ways to enrich daily life during retirement, and to find enjoyment, such as learning a new hobby or visiting local attractions.

Charlotte is home to the Carolinas Aviation Museum, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Charlotte Nature Museum, Wing Haven Gardens, as well as multiple themed tours led by Charlotte NC Tours. The city also boasts an extensive list of attractions for lovers of the arts: Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Mint Museum Uptown, Blumenthal Performing Arts, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Charlotte Ballet, and many more.

Beyond local attractions, seniors have the opportunity to further enrich their lives on their own. A few examples might include:

  • Developing a new hobby
  • Volunteering for a cause
  • Getting a part-time job
  • Reading books, old or new
  • Writing poetry, stories, etc.
  • Mentoring
  • Being active, whether you walk or just play cards
  • Expressing creativity through art or music
  • Traveling
  • Serving the community

Regency Retirement Community of Charlotte also offers various exciting activities and ways to stay involved each month. This month, the Girl Scouts will visit to help make crafts, pianist Ethan Uslan will perform, there will be an Easter egg hunt, as well as many more activities.

Regency is dedicated to its residents’ wellbeing and happiness, making the city of Charlotte the perfect complement, with its extensive list of activities and fun.  To learn more, call (844) 425-4254, or visit our community at 9120 Willow Ridge Road, Charlotte, NC.

Written by Kristen Camden

Published in Active Senior Living

Charlotte NC seniors stay cool while gardeningIt’s already been a scorching hot summer and the season has only just begun.

In the most recent newsletter, Executive Director Jamie Jollie said, "Yesterday I went to start my car and the END of the day and my thermometer said 101 degrees! It's a good thing we have so many wonderful things going on inside to help beat the heat."

With summer heat in mind, here are some tips for making sure you and the ones you love stay cool. Infants and anyone with a chronic illness need special attention, as do outdoor pets.

Dehydration from being in the heat and not getting adequate liquids can lead to hospitalization. Older adults are particularly at risk due to changes in renal function and body water composition.

Signs include confusion, problems with walking or falling, dizziness or headaches, dry or sticky mouth and tongue, sunken eyes, inability to sweat or produce tears, rapid heart rate, low blood pressure or blood pressure that drops when changing from lying to standing, constipation and decreased urine.

A caregiver like the ones at Regency work to keep our seniors healthy and hydrated, but what about friends and family who may live alone and struggle to keep cool in the oppressive heat?

Some tips to remember:

  •          If going outdoors is necessary, it is best done in the early morning or late evening when temperatures will be cooler.
  •           Fill a plastic bottle with water and put it in the freezer; grab it when ready to go outside and enjoy cold water longer as it melts.
  •           Use fans to help circulate air because even a home with air-conditioning can feel warm if the air is not getting to you.
  •           Wearing loose-fitting, light colored clothes will keep us cooler. Cotton clothing is cooler than synthetics.
  •           Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which promote dehydration. Sugary drinks can also have a negative effect.
  •         If someone lacks air-conditioning, they can spend time during the day in climate-controlled public places such as a shopping mall, public library, movie theater, or other space. Some cities also dedicate space for cooling centers open to the public.
  •           Avoid activities in direct sunlight.
  •         Try eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content (cucumber, celery, watermelon, tomatoes, lettuce/spinach). Avoid cooking foods that require using a stove.
  •        Plan indoor activities such as organizing scrapbooks, reading books, listening to music, getting organized, etc.

With a little caution and following these steps, you can stay cooler this summer and help your loved ones remain safe in the shade. 

Written by Steven Stiefel

Published in Active Senior Living

All over the country people are surely rejoicing at the arrival of spring. Warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and sunny days are great reasons to celebrate. Residents of Charlotee, North Carolina have added reason to celebrate though with a treasured community resource in their midst— the UNC Botanical Gardens. It’s easy to enjoy the best of spring with the Botanical Gardens right in your own back yard.

April 17th and 18th the Gardens are hosing a Spring Plant Sale. There’s something for everyone from shrubs and tropicals to houseplants and even carnivorous varieties! Attend the preview April 16th from noon-4PM to see what they have available and get a membership if you aren’t already part of the Botanical Garden family. There’s so many reasons to snag some of these gorgeous greens. Studies have shown that gardening is an excellent activity for seniors that not only provides gentle exercise that helps strength and balance, but that it can have a positive impact on memory and mental health, too. There’s just something so wonderful about burying your hands in the dirt and making something grow.

The Botanical Gardens also have volunteer opportunities, in case you really get carried away with your green thumbs. They have regular events, too, in everything from learning about the unique soil in our Piedmont region of North Carolina to photography workshops. Each event is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and learn something new. They have also offered classes in the past on birds you might see in your yard, history of botany, or how a garden can inspire you to journal. 

Of course, you don’t have to wait for an event to enjoy the rich health benefits and fun the Gardens offer. The gardens are open seven days a week during daylight hours and the Greenhouse seven days a week at set hours. If you enjoy going for regular walks as part of your fitness regimen or to have a fun activity to share with friends and family while you catch up the Gardens are a great place to do it. Going for a walk each day is so much more fun when there’s variety in the view— and there’s always something new to see at the Gardens, especially at this time of year when everything is blossoming and blooming.

There’s so many more ways to celebrate spring in Charlotte though, if gardens aren’t your thing. Charlotte’s Polish community loves to share Dyngus Day with the whole city in an event hosted by the Red Fez Shrine Club. You get to spend a beautiful day on the lake, try Polish food, and enjoy the music of the Polka All Stars and accordion player Bob Wilusz! That’s April 6th. There’s also the Spring Auto Fair April 9th-12th at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. May 1st through 3rd the Vinyards of Swan Creek hosts a Spring Herb Celebration featuring foods prepared with each vineyard’s signature herb and wine pairings. In addition to enjoying food and drink you’ll get a 4-inch potted herb from each vineyard.

There’s always so much to do in Charlotte, but especially in the spring time when everyone is eager to break through that cabin fever and get back to the hustle and bustle of warm weather life. We can’t wait to see how you enjoy yourself!


It’s hard to imagine someone being so heartless as to rob a North Carolina senior, but it happens every day – increasingly in ways that leave little or no paper trail.

Knowing the ploys used by scam artists gives North Carolina seniors the ability to arm themselves with some healthy skepticism and street savvy.

Among these scams are:

Fake Anti-Aging Products: The promise of concealing our true age and allowing us to maintain a youthful appearance can prove highly persuasive. Botox scams or bogus prescription drugs are not only disturbing, they can also be deadly. Some homeopathic remedies being marketed do absolutely nothing – except suck your bank account dry.

Telemarketing: Someone on the phone can be similarly convincing when soliciting money for a fake charity after a natural disaster or touting a large sum of money the senior can get if he or she makes a “good faith” payment by withdrawing funds from a bank account.

Internet Scams: Even tech-savvy youngsters can fall victim to sophisticated email/phishing scams that appear to be from a legitimate company or institution, but seniors should be particularly wary of requests to “update” or “verify” their personal information. Rather than clicking on the link in an email, type the web address of the organization directly into the browser to be sure you’re visiting the real McCoy. And be careful with spelling because scammers even buy up similar URLs to take advantage of those who misspell.

Investment Schemes: Ever heard of Bernie Madoff? Everyone loved how much money he made for them until the pyramid scheme collapsed (hurting a lot of seniors among its victims). Don’t put your money into anything too complicated to understand or which you suspect to be shady.

Funeral Scams: If you’re dealing with a less-than-reputable company, a funeral home may attempt to take advantage when you are emotionally vulnerable over losing a loved one.


These are just a few of the cons perpetrated against Charlotte, North Carolina seniors all the time. Don’t become a victim. 

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